The Juneau Volunteer Marching Band

2024 Marching Band

The Juneau Volunteer Marching Band is open to all wind and percussion players, 7th grade and older.  No marching experience necessary, but you must be able to walk and play your instrument.  Parade marches will be Washington Post, Stars and Stripes Forever,  Colonel Bogey and Hosts of Freedom.

The marching band usually gets together once a year to participate in the Juneau and Douglas 4th of July parades.  In conjunction with the parades the band holds a sit-down concert in the park prior to the 4th to help get the community in the mood to celebrate.

Percussion practice -   Time to sort out instruments, refresh your memory on the cadences and signals with the drum major.  

Full Band Marching Practice - We will have music and flip folders.  Bring your own lyre.  Dress for the weather as we will be outside marching.

Parade Music - Stars and Stripes Forever, Washington Post, Colonel Bogey and Hosts of Freedom.  We will have music at the marching rehearsal, but if you want to look at the music ahead of time, click on the links.  

Our sit-down concert TBD

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Juneau Volunteer Marching Band in Haines (circa 1970)