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The Juneau Community Bands is guided by a group of volunteer musicians. Meetings of this group are scheduled as needed. Responsibilities for this group include planning concerts, recruiting musicians, finding venues, acquiring music and determining the overall direction of the Juneau Community Bands.

If you are interested in being involved with this group, or would like to make suggestions or comments please go to the "Contact Us.." page.

Current members include:


Juneau Community Band Organizational Meeting -- Election of Officers for our THIRD season.


Held Saturday, August 7, 2010 at 1:30 PM immediately following the Juneau Symphony "Stumble Through" rehearsal in the Commons at Thunder Mountain High School. Bill Paulick, Acting President, presided.  There were no additional Nominations and the Slate was unanimously approved.

President, Luke Fortier

Vice-President, Ken Guiher

Treasurer, Sarah McNair-Grove

Secretary, Sandy Fortier

Player Liaison, Larry Stevens

CHARTER MEMBERS:  Beth Leibowitz, Bill Paulick, Bryan Johnson, David Grove, Janet Sanbei, Kathryn Kurtz, Kathy Cyr, Kim Mix, Larry Stevens, Larry Walsh, Leah Heiman, Luke Fortier, Michelle Bonnet, Paul Gardinier, Peter Anderegg, Richard Nault, Ron Maas, Russell Strandtmann, Ruth Hamilton Heese, Sally Smith, Sandy Fortier, Sarah NcNair Grove, Sheryl Wittig, Soshanna Seligman, Tim Powers, Todd Hunt, William Ruddy.

August 7, 2010 Member meeting minutes

Corporate Charter DRAFT 

Organization Chart

Job Descriptions

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