About Us

About Us...

The Juneau Community Bands is a group of musicians and wind groups rehearsing and performing in Juneau, Alaska. Groups that are included are:

  • Taku Winds: This group is for advanced adult musicians who, typically, have played in high school or college. The group presents two concerts a year playing exciting and challenging music for brass, wind, and percussion ensembles.

  • Juneau Volunteer Marching Band: The Marching Band was organized to provide music for the Juneau parade in 1976. All musicians, teenage and older, are invited to participate. The band begins rehearsals each year in late May in preparation for the 4th of July. The band traditionally performs one or two sit-down concerts prior to the 4th, and marches in both the Juneau and Douglas parades.

  • Raindeer Band: This group meets in November to practice Christmas music to be shared in various locations around our community, such as Wildflower Court, the Pioneer's Home, Gallery Walk and other venues.

  • Small ensemble groups

If you are interested in playing in any of these groups use this form: Contact Us